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Hey everyone!

Wow – we haven’t posted here in a while, have we?!

Now – remember, we have ended 2 Kings. So, let me fill you in a little bit!

After First and Second Kings are two more books called CHRONICLES.

After CHRONICLES, we have a lot of other books. Most of these books are called PROPHET books. Remember the company of prophets we talked about in 2 Kings? These were guys who wanted to help Israel and Judah worship God only. Problem is – no one listened!

So, the prophets, like everyone else, saw Israel and Judah be captured by other nations, like Babylon.

This week, take some time to read pieces of what these guys were telling everyone! These were prophets of God and for the most part, they were ignored. Sad, right?

Ezekiel Chapter 37
Daniel Chapters 3-6
Isaiah 52:13-15
Isaiah Chapter 53
Isaiah Chapter 55
Isaiah Chapter 56:1-8
Jonah (it’s a short book!)
Malachi Chapter 4

Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament.

Later this weekend, I’ll help you make sense of all of this!



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Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that you should be reading I KINGS this week. This book will get confusing after Solomon dies…it looks like the kingdom gets split into two pieces!

Do you know why??

See you all on Sunday!


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This week, we will be looking at David’s life after he becomes King.

Remember, God identified David as someone who was after His own heart. I suppose David was given a lot of alone time with God when he was watching sheep as a kid. He certainly had trust in God as we saw this weekend. He also honored others and respected them as we saw in his relationship with Jonathan and Saul.

But David isn’t perfect. In fact, he makes some really bad decisions when he is King and he faces some consequences.

To find out what they are, you’ll have to read II Samuel.


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Hopefully, you took my suggestion and read all about RUTH by now!

So – what do you think? What might be a good way to “WRECK” Ruth? Send me your idea, and if I like it, we’ll do it this week when we meet!

Here are some guidelines:
The “Wreck” must relate to some aspect of the story.
It could be a “symbol” of the story. (Remember the yo-yo? The Yo-Yo was a symbol of the Israelites being up and down, up and down.)

Think about it, and send me your idea.

Email it to or you can leave it in the comments section.


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The Book of Numbers from jack bauer on Vimeo.

Between Exodus and Joshua: EXTRA

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So, hopefully you are reading your Bible each and every day!  You may have noticed that we have skipped right over three books: Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Leviticus is a book dealing with the rules for the priests of Israel.  All the priests for Israel are supposed to come from the tribe of LEVI.  (You may remember that Levi was one of Jacob’s sons.  There are twelve tribes of Israel, and twelve sons of Jacob.)

Numbers is a book of…well, numbers!  Numbers is basically a record of all the tribes, and how many people were in each tribe, and it traces everyone back to Jacob.  There are some cool stories in Numbers, but we will come right back to that in a second.

Deutronomy is a book of a “second giving” of the law.  Moses reminds everyone about how they were in slavery, and how awesome God is for rescuing them.  Moses reminds them of the BIG TEN and of several other laws that are important.  At the end, God tells Moses to write a song about it – and to be sure to include a warning and a promise!

This Week’s Reading

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On Sunday, we jumped into EXODUS: THE BIG EXIT and saw how God was going to rescue His people to create a nation for Himself.  He is following through on His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that there would be a nation that would glorify Him and be an example for the rest of the world to follow.  They would finally be able to worship the one true God!

A lot happens between EXODUS and JOSHUA.

This week on WRECKTHISBIBLE.COM, we will fill in the gap and you can choose whether or not you want to do these “bonus” wrecks.

For this coming Sunday, you will want to read JOSHUA chapters 1-10.  Then, skip ahead to JUDGES.  JUDGES is full of stories about the many JUDGES that ruled Israel.  Each judge has a different story.  Some are great, and some mess up in BIG ways.  You may have heard of a few of these guys, like Gideon, and Samson.  But the boys aren’t the only ones who are tough!  There’s a few ladies in this book that are fierce fighters! Read all of JUDGES by Sunday.  I think you’ll enjoy it!